Get your fishnets on

Skirt: ZARA (old) // Knit: Benetton // Fishnets: Calzedonia // Shoes: ZARA // Bag:ANY DI

I’ve been postponing writing this post for about 1 week now. The reason is simple, every new post that gets published on my web needs to be better than last one, needs to be perfect. This kind of pressure I put on myself makes it difficult sometimes to keep going, it feels like if it’s not perfect it’s not good enough. You must know what I’m talking about, I can’t be the only one going through this on a daily basis.

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More than a pretty face…

Dress: ZARA // Heels: ZARA // Bag: ANY DI

Studies show that beautiful people have it easier in life and this is what many of us believe too. But the truth is that beautiful people, like all the others ,have something to prove as well. Continue Reading