Pink is always a good idea

Lucy Van Dean Fashion Blogger ASOS pink jumpsuitJumpsuit: ASOS // Sandals: ZARA (old) // Hat:Hat: ZARA Home // Sunnies: Quay

Pink is such a pretty colour but can be so tricky to wear. There are only two possible outcomes with pink pieces, you either end up with a super cool outfit which will earn you a lot of compliments or you’ll end up looking, well, not so cool. Continue Reading


Winning at life

It’s Thursday morning and the alarm is ringing as every  other day at 7 am but the same as many other mornings I chose to snooze it a few times and then completely turn it off and go back to sleep. Continue Reading


Style icons and influencers

Top: Mango // Skirt: Mango (old) // Bag: ANY DI // Sandals: ASOS

We all have different preferences or opinions when it comes to style, I guess that’s why it’s call personal style, but is the good taste when it comes to fashion or style something you’re born with or something that is learned or cultivated based on the style icons out there? Continue Reading