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When I was younger I picked up the smoking habit. I smoked for about 3 years more as a social habit, but one that even if not easy to admit I quite enjoyed. You see smoking was associated in my  brain with all the good times, I was smoking when taking a break during work hours with my colleagues or when going for a coffee at a nice cafe <at that time smoking inside was still allowed> or when going to a party at night. All good times, so what possible reason would I have to stop? I know many people try quitting but not so many succeed. It might be because their addiction to tobacco is more serious than mine ever was or maybe they have not found the right motivation yet. For me, the main reason to stop was related to beauty. I know that sounds shallow but it’s the truth. I always wanted white teeth but was not really very fortunate from this point of view. Having fair skin didn’t really help with this aspect either and adding my coffee addiction on top it seemed like a lost case. In an effort not to worsen the situation I decided one day to stop smoking, and that’s what I did. It’s not to say I didn’t smoke at all since that day, I did have a few cigarettes here and there just because there is something so attractive about cigarettes, perhaps because of how they are portrayed in movies and photography or maybe because Parisian women make them seem so cool and stylish, but I definitely stopped smoking on a day to day basis. Though my teeth didn’t get whiter I had my peace of mind that I’m not making things worse. I guess is safe to say I always wanted whiter teeth and this desire was strong enough to make quit smoking.

Some weeks ago Smile Brilliant asked me if I would like to try their teeth whitening product and as you can imagine I just couldn’t say no. So today I want to share my experience and some of the things I’ve learned in the process. If you’re anything like me I’m sure you have a lot of questions about teeth sensitivity, gums irritation and so on.

The process is quite easy, you receive the kit at home, take your dental impressions and send them to the lab for your custom trays. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy and instructions are provided in the kit. Just make sure to read them carefully and follow the steps exactly as your trays are the really the most important aspect for the treatment to be successful.



Once you receive the custom made trays from the lab you can start the whitening process. The trays are exactly what you would get at your dentist’s office as they are made by a specialized laboratory and will fit perfectly to your teeth avoiding any gel overrun on your gums.DSC_0365

Use a little bit of whitening gel in your trays, trust me a little goes a long way, and leave it anywhere from 15 min to 3 hours. My average was about 30 minutes. Then rinse your mouth and the trays and apply the desensitizing gel that comes in your kit for about 15 min. Instructions are provided so no need to worry about details right now.

Below are some points and tips I wanted to share, just in case you’re considering teeth whitening:

♥ My number one concern was regarding teeth sensitivity and was expecting some side effects from the whitening. To begin with, my teeth are somehow sensitive but nothing serious. I was using the desensitizing gel and didn’t notice any increased sensitivity in my teeth. When I didn’t use the desensitizing I did feel a bit of discomfort so I took a break from the treatment the next day and it all went away.

♥ I experience some irritation of my gums due to gel over-run. A good way to limit this side effect if to use some vaseline or coconut oil on your gums before and wipe away any excess of gel. However after several days of trying I realized that I was creating some pressure when placing the trays with gel and that was causing the gel to over-run on my gums even though I was using only a small amount. If you notice any gum irritation pay attention at how you are using the trays because getting used with them might take few days. When used correctly no gel will over run on your gums. For more useful tips and info you can read this article o gums irritation

♥ Expect the stains to be gone, your teeth will get few shades lighter but they won’t be crazy white. It’s called teeth whitening but the actual color of teeth is not pure white.

♥ This process will take 1 hour and 30 min or more of your day so book some time in your schedule for it. For me at night worked the best, right after dinner, but it was also one of the reasons I kept the gel only around 30 min per session. Don’t underestimate the time needed, you need to wash the trays and dry them before applying the desensitizing gel then wait another 15 min and after you should not eat or drink for at least 30 min. For somebody who eats as often as me, time does add up.

♥ If you experience any discomfort whatsoever it’s ok to take a break. I did that when my gums were suffering and the results were not impacted at all.

♥ And finally, the hardest part, avoid coffee, tea, red wine and other foods such as blueberries which might stain your teeth during the whitening process.

Below are my before and after photos so you can judge the results for yourself.

Lucy Van Dean Fashion Blogger teeth whitening results

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