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Blogging journey, Inspiration

Chapter 3 | Instagram

This post comes right as I’ve passed my 10k followers milestone on Instagram so I guess I have a few stories to tell, and hopefully I’m going to give you some answers to the question on everyone’s lips these days: How to grow your Instagram followers. Before we start I just wanted to let you know that I’m truly glad you find the posts from my blogging journey series to be helpful. I will keep writing them  so you can keep enjoying reading them. Continue Reading

Blogging journey, Inspiration

Chapter 1 | The beginning


I’m starting today a new series on the blog about my blogging  journey. The idea for this series was born after I published  the post about my first year of blogging a few weeks back. I wrote this back then but I’m going to mention it again now, it’s not about the numbers is about all the little achievements and the journey of growing a blog, which is not an easy one at all.  So what I would like to share in this series is more about how the blog has evolved in the past year and the struggles and the lessons learned  in a hope that others will benefit from my experiences also.

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