ASOS Salon aka Spring on a Dress

Lucy Van Dean ASOS Salon bow dress

Is it spring time yet? By the temperatures outside I would say that not yet. But looking at the calendar it sure seems like this year will be skipping spring altogether and move directly to summer. That’s fine with me since I’m a huge summer fan but those of you how are into layering and love transitional seasons might have a hard time accepting this. So I thought I’ll try to solve that problem with spring on a dress. I say this because this ASOS Salon dress it’s the definition of spring. Everything from fabric, colour, pattern and design scream spring.

Remember how in elementary school we had one class dedicated to each of the seasons? Back then, in my book, each lesson was illustrated with a fairy dress for that season. Well if those lessons still exist today this dress would be the perfect representation of spring.

I bought this dress about a year ago since I became infatuated with while browsing through website. After spending 5 minutes wondering if it’s really wise to buy I dress I was clearly not going to wear that often I gave up thought to myself it’s not going to be a rational decision. Simply put I love it so much that I didn’t care if I was not going to wear it for another few months. I did wear it to a friend’s wedding so no I don’t regret buying it. And, yes, I love the hint of drama suggested by that big bow!

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Photo credit: Natalia Photography

Lucy Van Dean ASOS Salon dress

Lucy Van Dean ASOS Salon spring dress

Lucy Van Dean ASOS Salon spring flower dress

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Lucy Van Dean Barcelona spring outfit

Lucy Van Dean fashion blogger sprin dress outfit

Lucy Van Dean spring pastel outfit ASOS Salon dress

Lucy Van Dean spring trench and dress outfit

Lucy Van Dean street style spring outfit

LVD ASOS Salon dress

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