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For the past 7 months since I made Barcelona my home I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about the local fashion scene. I spend my time observing the locals and their preferred brands, trying to form an opinion about their fashion sense and style. For many Barcelona is the L.A. of Europe and that might be true. The city is bustling with creatives and with it’s laid back vibe, great weather and architecture this parallel comes as no surprise. But this also means pretty much everyone in Barcelona seems to love the casual style. A little too much if you ask me. I’m all for comfort but at the same time I love a polished outfit and sneakers + jeans doesn’t fit in my definition of polished.

I have discovered a different side of the city about a week ago I was invited to attend some of the fashion shows at Barcelona 080 , which is basically Barcelona’s fashion week. With designers like Justicia Ruano,Escorpion and Lola Casademunt it seems that many of the locals do love fashion and expect a lot more from their outfits than just being casual. Attending the shows only open my appetite for discovering more local brands and even more amazing designs.

These photos were not shot at the fashion week but nevertheless they do provide quite a good visual description of the story. They are a departure from a casual outfit by the palm trees and do show a different face of the fashion scene in Barcelona.

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