Hello 2017

Top: H&M Concious // Jeans: Calzedonia // Heels: ZARA // Jacket ZARA // Bag: ANY DI

Now that 2016 is already past the world can breath again relieved. That also means it’s time to get back to work, no more excuses to sleep late, make everyday a cheat day, spend your full month’s income while shopping and to attend a different party each day of the week. Now that the holiday season is kind of over, I feel like I need some time off to recover. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

As this is the first post of 2017 I thought red is the best colour to kick off the new year for Lucy Van Dean. I’m not a big fan of resolutions so I didn’t make any plans, but I’m sure changes will come in the months ahead and that’s only normal as nothing really stays the same for a long time. Everything needs to evolve and my blog or life are no exceptions to that. I wouldn’t have it any other way, change keeps things moving forward and prevents boredness. The only constant is, in fact, the state of constant development, and that’s that most interesting part of life. Change is the place where new experiences are born and without things constantly evolving we would not be able to develop new feelings, experience new sensations, see old things in a new light or rediscover ourselves. So I wish you all a 2017 full of changes!

On a lighter note I leave you with these beautiful photos I shot in Barcelona during December with the talented Petra Aanderud. It’s amazing how mild the winter tends to be in Barcelona. It can still get chilly but at the same time, it can be pleasantly warm in the middle of the winter. So mild that everyone still goes around in their sneakers and sometimes a jacket will do it, no need for layers or winter coats.

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    Oh that’s amazing!

    Alice Cerea

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