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I have a new approach to updating my wardrobe. I’ve outlined the principles in my head and I plan to stick to them. Whenever I’ll buy something new will have to be according to these principles. The goal? Spend less but get more in return. I encourage you to do the same, instead of buying piles of new items every month stop to think about what kind of basics you want in your wardrobe and then buy only those.

Step 1 is defining the style you like and then stick to that decision. In no time will become your personal brand. I want to look polished all the time, regardless if I’ m casual or more formal. To achieve this I’m replacing the casual jackets with blazers. Blazers are just so versatile, you can wear them with a t-shirt for a casual days or with a shirt for office days.

Step 2 is to set up a colour palette and then buy most of the pieces in those colours. I’m saying most and not all because strong colours are fun and we all want to be fun. My chosen colours are white, nudes, light pink, grey, navy and black.  Endless combination options, plus nothing looks more polished than an all white outfit.

Step 3 grooming makes all the difference. Instead of spending a lot of time daily on hair styling and makeup I’ll redirect my efforts towards procedure that will reduce the time required to get ready. Hair, skin care and a good mani/pedi make all the difference.

So far this strategy has been working great for me. It’s all about being smart and buying less.

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