What fashion bloggers have to thank Snapchat for

Top: ASOS // Skirt: H&M (old) // Sandals: ASOS // Bag: Mango (old)

For a long period of time people believed fashion bloggers are just some girls dressing up in pretty clothes and taking pictures of themselves to publish on the world wide web. To some extend some still have the same impression today and fashion blogging has some negative connotations to it. From being considered vain to photoshopping their pictures and not disclosing sponsored content fashion bloggers seem not to have the best reputation.

With the rise of Instagram we all got a glimpse into the daily lives of our favorite fashion bloggers. You may remember the time when Instagram was about sharing your daily life and not about having a curated and cohesive feed. As the bloggers slowly gained the celebrity status the revelation that life as portrayed on Instagram is only a sequence of staged photos has left many fans disillusioned. Enough has been written about the topic for the past 2 years so social media users started their quest for a more real platform where not everything is portrayed as perfect. The answer was Snapchat, who seems to own its success in part to people turn away from everything that looks just so damn god perfect. But the most important factor in Snapchat becoming so widely adopted is the level of intimacy it offers.

Fashion bloggers are savvy users when it comes to social media so they didn’t miss the opportunity to communicate on a deeper level with their followers. Snapchat is the platform that has allowed many of them to show a glimpse into their life behind the blog, express their thoughts in a spontaneous way without going through the editorial process and allowed them to show their real personalities a lot more than pictures could ever transpose. In a way you get to know the bloggers a little bit better on Snapchat and many bloggers have shared a rawer version of themselves on the platform. A version without perfectly arranged flat-lays, without filters and sometimes even without make up.

Because the content on Snapchat is temporary opinions are also shared a lot more than on Instagram or even blog posts. Slowly you realize that fashion bloggers are not interested in selfies only, they are not narcissistic, at least not all f them. What they are in many cases is smart, hard working and inspiring women (and men) who put themselves out there every day. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

So what fashion bloggers have to thank Snapchat for? A lot of things I guess, including a new platform to build reach, but the most important thing is the shift in the perception of blogging as an easy job and the bad connotation fashion bloggers sometimes have attached.

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  • Reply Elsa August 14, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Hello ! I really like your sense of fashion ! And I was wondering where dos you get this very cute and chic yellow top ? Thanks

    • Reply Lucy August 17, 2016 at 7:58 am

      Hey Elsa ? It’s from ASOS, I’ll add a link
      Kisses, Lucy

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