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Chapter 6: How to beat Instagram’s new algorithm

Back in March Instagram announced the introduction of a new algorithm which will display posts based on the user’s interests and likes moving away from the chronologically sorted feed. We all remember the “turn on post notification” hysteria that took over our feeds those days. Everyone was afraid their posts will no longer reach their followers. The consequences of that being disastrous. As I was writing in one of my older posts Instagram is currency for a fashion blogger.

Fast forward few months and the new algorithm is now live. Many have seen their engagement rate plummeting and as a result a high number of posts have been written on how to beat Instagram’s new algorithm. It is clearly a hot topic at the moment which is why I decided to write this post as part of my blogging journey series.

While I understand the reasons Instagram had to make this change, as more and more promotional posts were published each day and business accounts taking up space in our feeds to the detriment of user generated content or friends’ posts, there are also some undeniable disadvantages to the new algorithm. The biggest disadvantage is the possibility of ending up seeing just too much of the same type of pictures.

Back to our burning question. If you’re thinking of ways to be a step in front of Instagram there are only two ways to achieve this: post great pictures that look natural and spontaneous and socialize, socialize, socialize. Forget about all the other methods out there as they won’t bring any sustainable results. Things like promoting your posts by commenting under a picture of Kylie Jenner LB (like back), FB(follow back), First, Row,etc. don’t work. Hard to believe but a common practice on Instagram these days. Yet, a practice which won’t help build your engaged community.

What we all should learn from this change is that our blogs are the one platform which matters the most. It’s more important than Instagram or any other social media network. Also, Snapchat is becoming now an even more important network for fashion bloggers. But we’ll speak more about Snapchat in a future post.

To summarize, the only two things that will help with growing your Instagram engagement are posting great pictures and engaging with other users on the platform in a genuine way. Stop living generic comments and start writing meaningful ones.

To continue the tradition I started in the previous Instagram chapter of this series I’ll leave you with my 10 most liked pictures on Instagram. Hope you’ll get inspired.

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Earlier today after #smdaybcn ??? #barcelona #bloggerlife #LVDFashionDiaries

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

It was supposed to be a Sunday selfie but instead it’s a Monday one ? Have a great week #InstaFriends #Monday #selfie #smile

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

This morning in front of my home ??? #springlove #springmood #happiness

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

This morning in front of my home ??? #springlove #springmood #happiness

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

Current mood ?? #Monday #travels #seaside

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

Welcome to Sunday ? Dreaming about sunnier days ahead #springiscoming #Sunday #weekend

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

Strolling around the city centre today ? #barcelona #love #kiss #LVDFashionDiaries

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

Hope you’re having a great weekend guys ? Go to my Snapchat to see how my weekend is going ? #weekend #bloggerlife #myFCstyle

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

Happy New Year! ✨?✨? Looking forward to discovering even more places in 2016 #grateful #happy #NewYear #2016

A photo posted by Snapchat: LucyVanDean (@lucyvandean) on

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  • Reply Helen Chik August 1, 2016 at 1:02 am

    Totally agree and I almost fell for the “turn on notifications” hysteria and then realised that it really doesn’t help and instead it annoyed me when I got all the messages!! 100% agree with the whole engaging with others and some people just don’t realise that it’s not easy as it comes!

    Thanks for the post though hun!

    Sending you love from Sydney xx

    Check out my post on Orogold skincare if you have time!

    Helen xx

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